530.083, drain hose DN31 L 1500mm A int. ø 31mm A ext. ø 35mm B int. ø 452mm B ext. ø 46mm

drain hose DN31 L 1500mm A int. ø 31mm A ext. ø 35mm B int. ø 452mm B ext. ø 46mm

suitable for: DIHR, KROMO, OLIS

part no.: 530.083

technical details
part no.
nominal size
1500 mm
end piece A internal ø
31 mm
end piece A external ø
35 mm
end piece B internal ø
40 mm
end piece B external ø
46 mm
outer hose ø
38 mm
OEM part number
0010200112, 10200112, DW10200112
0010200112, DW10200112
suitable for model
Accessories, AX151, AX151-highspeed, AX160, AX161, AX210, AX220, AX230, AX240, AX250, AX290, AX300, AX300LC, AX310, AX310LC, AX320, AX330, AX380, AX380LC, AX400, AX440, AX440LC, AX510, AX510LC, AX540, AX540LC, BX230, BX230Special, BX280, BX300, CAN-MASTER, CX, FX, G600, TX1500, UX220
Accessories, BB-2500, F, FP, K1600, K1600-ALTA-VELOCITA, K1700, K1800, K2100, K2200, K2500, K2700, K3000, K3000+K10, K3100, K3100+K10, K3300, K3800, K3800+K10, K4000, K4400, K4400+K10, K5400, K5400+K10, KP2300, KP2300+KP23, KP2800, KP3000, KP4000
OLAX151, OLAX151-highspeed, OLAX151EDX-1080725, OLAX151ELEFT-1080727, OLAX160, OLAX160E-1080750, OLAX160E-1080751, OLAX160V-1080755, OLAX160V-1080756, OLAX160V-1081031, OLAX160V-1081032, OLAX210, OLAX210E-1081029, OLAX210E-1081030, OLAX220, OLAX220E-1080787, OLAX220E-1080788, OLAX220V-1080789, OLAX220V-1080790, OLAX230, OLAX230E-1080791, OLAX230E-1080792, OLAX230V-1080793, OLAX230V-1080794, OLAX240, OLAX240E-1080795, OLAX240E-1080796, OLAX240V-1080797, OLAX240V-1080798, OLAX250, OLAX250E-1080760, OLAX250E-1080761, OLAX250V-1080765, OLAX250V-1080766, OLAX300, OLAX300E-1080770, OLAX300E-1080771, OLAX300E-1081033, OLAX300E-1081035, OLAX300E-1081036, OLAX300LC, OLAX300LCE-1081034, OLAX300V-1080775, OLAX300V-1080776, OLAX310, OLAX310E-1081110, OLAX310E-1081111, OLAX310LC, OLAX310LCE-1081114, OLAX310LCE-1081115...(Other
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