105.094, burner holder for burner cap ø 80/110mm 3.5/6kW
Bar burner

burner holder for burner cap ø 80/110mm 3.5/6kW

suitable for: BERTO'S, BERTOS

part no.: 105.094

technical details
part no.
3.5/6 kW
for burner cap ø
80/110 mm
OEM part number
suitable for model
G12F4H9-FGP, G12F4H9M, G12F4P9-FGP, G12F4P9M, G6F2BH6, G6F2BH9, G6F2BP6, G6F2BP9, G6F2H6-FE1, G6F2H6-FG1, G6F2H9-FE1, G6F2H9-FG1, G6F2H9-T, G6F2H9-TE, G6F2MH6, G6F2MH9, G6F2MP6, G6F2MP9, G6F2P6-FE1, G6F2P6-FG1, G6F2P9-FE1, G6F2P9-FG1, G6F2P9-T, G6F2P9-TE, G6F3BH12, G6F3BH9, G6F3H12-FE1, G6F3H12-FG1, G6F3H12-TE, G6F3MH12, G6F3MH12-FE1, G6F3MH12-FG1, G6F4-FG1, G6F6-FG1, G7F2B, G7F2BP, G7F2M, G7F2MP, G7F4-FE, G7F4-FE1, G7F4-FG, G7F4-FG1, G7F4B, G7F4BP, G7F4E-FG, G7F4E-FG-A4, G7F4M, G7F4MP, G7F4P, G7F4P-FG, G7F4P-FG-AF2, G7F4P-FG1, G7F4P-FG1-AF1, G7F4P2FB, G7F6-FE, G7F6-FE1, G7F6-FG, G7F6-FG1, G7F6-T, G7F6B, G7F6BP, G7F6E-FG, G7F6E-FG-A6, G7F6M, G7F6MP, G7F6P-FG, G7F6P-FG-AF2, G7F6P-FG1, G7F6P-FG1-AF1, G7F6P-T, G7F6P-T-AF2, G7T4P2F-FG1, G7T4P2FB, G7T4P2FM, G7T4P2FM-FG1, G7T4P4F-FG, G7T4P4F-FG1, G7T4P4FB, G7T4P4FM, G7T4P4FM-FG1, G7TP2F-FG, G7TP2F-FG1, G7TP2F-T, G7TP2FM, G9F2M, G9F4-FE, G9F4-FE1, G9F4-FG, G9F4-FG1, G9F4E-FE1, G9F4M, G9F4P-FG, G9F4P-FG-AF2, G9F6-FE, G9F6-FE1, G9F6-FG, G9F6-FG1, G9F6-T, G9F6M, G9F6P-FG, G9F6P-FG-AF2, G9F8-2FE, G9F8-2FE1, G9F8-2FG, G9F8-2FG1, G9F8P-2FG, G9F8P-2FG-AF2, G9TP2F-FG, G9TP2F-FG1, G9TP2F-T, G9TP2FM, G9TP4F-FG, G9TP4FM, G9TPF-FG, LXG9F4, SG9F2M, SG9F4-FE, SG9F4-FG, SG9F4M, SG9F6-FE, SG9F6-FG, SG9F6-T, SG9F6M, SG9F6P-T, SG9F8-2FE, SG9F8-2FG, SG9TP2F-FG, SG9TP2FM, SG9TP4F-FG
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