400.115, Replaced by 403577 / gear motor FIBER P25 engines 1 chambers 1operation time 20s 230V 50Hz shaft ø 6x4.6mm

Replaced by 403577 / gear motor FIBER P25 engines 1 chambers 1operation time 20s 230V 50Hz shaft ø 6x4.6mm


part no.: 400.115

technical details
part no.
operation time
230 V
50 Hz
shaft diameter
6x4.6 mm
shaft length
24 mm
replaced by
OEM part number
LAR65090220, LAR65095000, R65090220, R65095000
suitable for model
ABE064S, ABE064X, ABE074S, ABE074X, ABE084S, ABE084X, ABE104S, ABE104X, ABE156S, ABE156X, ABG064S, ABG064X, ABG074S, ABG074X, ABG084S, ABG084X, ABG104S, ABG104X, ABG156S, ABG156X, AMG10P, BPE064P, BPE074P, BPE084P, BPE104P, BPG064P, BPG074P, BPG084P, BPG104P, CKEP06, CKES07, CKGP06, CKGP10, CKGT10, EMT06P, EMT10P, EMT20P, EMT21P, EMT40P, EPE056T, EPE086T, EPE156T, EPEV05T, EPEV08T, EPEV15T, EPG056T, EPG086T, EPG156T, EPGV05T, EPGV08T, EVT06P, EVT10P, EVT20P, EVT21P, EVT40P, FG102M, FG102X, FME201, GEMT06P, GEMT06S, GEMT06T, GEMT06X, GEMT10P, GEMT10S, GEMT10T, GEMT20P, GEMT20S, GEMT20T, GEMT20X, GEMT21P, GEMT21S, GEMT21T, GEMT40P, GEMT40S, GEMT40T, GEVT06P, GEVT06S, GEVT06T, GEVT06X, GEVT07S, GEVT07X, GEVT10P, GEVT10S, GEVT10T, GEVT10X, GEVT20P, GEVT20S, GEVT20T, GEVT20X, GEVT21P, GEVT21S, GEVT21T, GEVT21X, GEVT40P, GEVT40S, GEVT40T, GEVT40X, GGMT06P, GGMT06S, GGMT06T, GGMT06X, GGMT07S, GGMT07X, GGMT10P, GGMT10S, GGMT10X, GGMT20P, GGMT20S, GGMT20X, GGMT21P, GGMT40P, GGVT06P, GGVT06S, GGVT06T, GGVT06X, GGVT07S, GGVT07X, GGVT10P, GGVT10S, GGVT10T, GGVT10X, GGVT20P, GGVT20S, GGVT20T, GGVT20X, GGVT21P, GGVT21S, GGVT21T, GGVT21X, GGVT40P, GGVT40S, GGVT40T, GGVT40X, GMT06P, GMT10P, GMT20P, GMT21P, GMT40P, GVT06P, GVT10P, GVT20P, GVT21P, GVT40P, HME061P, HME061S, HME061T, HME061X, HME101P, HME101S, HME101T, HME101X, HME102P, HME102S, HME102T, HME102X, HME201P, HME201S, HME201T, HME201X, HME202P, HME202S, HME202T, HME202X, HMG061P, HMG061S, HMG061T, HMG061X, HMG101P, HMG102P, HMG201P, HMG202P, HVE061P, HVE061S, HVE061T, HVE061X, HVE101P, HVE101S, HVE101T, HVE101X, HVE102P, HVE102S, HVE102T, HVE102X, HVE201P, HVE201S, HVE201T, HVE201X, HVE202P, HVE202S, HVE202T, HVE202X, HVG061P, HVG061S, HVG061T, HVG061X, HVG101P, HVG101S, HVG101T, HVG101X, HVG102P, HVG102S, HVG102T, HVG102X, HVG201P, HVG202P, HVG202S, HVG202T, HVG202X, KME072S, KME072X, KME081S, KME081X, KME101S, KME101X, KME102S, KME102X, KME201S, KME201X, KME202S, KME202X, KMEA20S, KMEA20X, KMG072S, KMG072X, KMG081S, KMG081X, KMG101S, KMG101X, KMG102S, KMG102X, KMG201S, KMG201X, KMG202S, KMG202X, KMGA20S, KMGA20X, KVE072S, KVE072X, KVE081S, KVE081X, KVE101S, KVE101X, KVE102S, KVE102X, KVE201S, KVE201X, KVE202S, KVE202X, KVEA20S, KVEA20X, KVG072S, KVG072X, KVG081S, KVG081X, KVG101S, KVG101X, KVG102S, KVG102X, KVG201S, KVG201X, KVG202S, KVG202X, KVGA20S, KVGA20X, LBGT102, MCE202M, MCG071M, MCG101M, MCG102M, MCG201M, MCG202M, ME061H, ME061P, ME061T, ME101P, ME101T, ME102H, ME102P, ME102T, ME106D, ME106H, ME106P, ME110D, ME110H, ME110P, ME120D, ME120H, ME120P, ME201H, ME201P, ME201T, ME202H, ME202P, ME202T, ME210D, ME210H, ME210P, ME220D, ME220H, ME220P, ME227P, MEC20H, MEC20P, MEC24H, MEC24P, MEC40H, MEC40P, MES20H, MES20P, MES24H, MES24P, MES40H, MES40P, MG061H, MG061P, MG061T, MG101H, MG101P, MG101T, MG102H, MG102P, MG102T, MG106D, MG106H, MG106P, MG110D, MG110H, MG110P, MG120D, MG120H, MG120P, MG201H, MG201P, MG201T, MG202H, MG202P, MG202T, MG210D, MG210H, MG210P, MG220D, MG220H, MG220P, MGC20H, MGC20P, MGC24H, MGC24P, MGC40H, MGC40P, MGS20H, MGS20P, MGS24H, MGS24P, MGS40H, MGS40P, MME071P, MME101P, MME102P, MMG071P, MMG101P, MMG102P, MVE071P, MVE101P, MVE102P, MVG071P, MVG101P, MVG102P, PE005D, PE005K, PE008D, PE008K, PE015D, PE015K, PE056T, PE064P, PE074P, PE084P, PE086T, PE088D, PE088K, PE104P, PE105D, PE105K, PE105T, PE108D, PE108K, PE108T, PE115D, PE115K, PE115T, PE156T, PE188D, PE188K, PE188T, PEV05T, PEV08T, PEV15T, PG005D, PG005K, PG008D, PG008K, PG015D, PG015K, PG056T, PG064P, PG074P, PG084P, PG086T, PG088D, PG088K, PG104P, PG105D, PG105K, PG105T, PG108D, PG108K, PG108T, PG115D, PG115K, PG115T, PG156T, PG188D, PG188K, PG188T, PGV05T, PGV08T, PGV15T, SME071P, SME071S, SME101P, SME101S, SMEA20P, SMEA20S, SVE071P, SVE071S, SVE101P, SVE101S, SVEA20P, SVEA20S, SVG071P, SVG071S, SVG101P, SVG101S, SVGA20P, SVGA20S, VE061P, VE101P, VE102P, VE106D, VE106H, VE106P, VE106T, VE110D, VE110H, VE110P, VE110T, VE120D, VE120H, VE120P, VE120T, VE201P, VE202P, VE210D, VE210H, VE210P, VE210T, VE220D, VE220H, VE220P, VEC20H, VEC20P, VEC24H, VEC24P, VEC40H, VEC40P, VES20H, VES20P, VES24H, VES24P, VES40H, VES40P, VG061P, VG101P, VG102P, VG106D, VG106H, VG106P, VG106T, VG110D, VG110H, VG110P, VG110T, VG120D, VG120H, VG120P, VG120T, VG201P, VG202P, VG210D, VG210H, VG210P, VG210T, VG220D, VG220H, VG220P, VGC20H, VGC20P, VGC24H, VGC24P, VGC40H, VGC40P, VGS20H, VGS20P, VGS24H, VGS24P, VGS40H, VGS40P, XAME07P, XAME10P, XAME20P, XAMG07P, XAMG10P, XAMG20P, XAVE07P, XAVE10P, XAVE20P, XAVG07P, XAVG10P, XAVG20P
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