506.088, rinse arm boss

rinse arm boss

suitable for: LAMBER

part no.: 506.088

technical details
part no.
alternative part number
OEM part number
suitable for model
015-24L, 01F, 01F ADD, 01F DEP, 01F EK, 01F EK ADD, 01F EK DEP, 040F, 040F DEP, 040F EK, 040F EK ADD, 040F EK DEP, 045F, 045F DEP, 050F, 050F ADD, 050F DEP, 050F UL, 050F-Dep, 075F, 075F ADD, 075F DEP, 075F EK, 075F EK ADD, 075F EK DEP, A410, A410 EK, DSP5, F840 CV, F85, F85 ADD, F85 DEP, F85 UL, F85-Dep, F92, F92 DEP, F92 EK, F92 EK ADD, F92 EK DEP, F92 UL, GS25, GS25 EK, GS4, GS4 EK, GS45 EK, GS5, GS5 EK, GS6, L20, L21, L21 EK, L21 EK ADD, L21 UL, L24 EK, L25, L25 EK, L25 UL, L305 CV, LP31 EK, LP6 EK, LP8 EK, MINIBAR, P550, P550 EK, P700, P700 EK, PT800 EK, PT850 EK, S200, S240, S260, S260 ADD, S260 DEP, S280, S280 ADD, S280 DEP, S280 UL, S280Dep, S400 EK, S400 EK ADD, S460 ADD, S460 EK, S460 EK ADD, S480 EK, S480 EK ADD, S510, S510 ADD, S510 DEP, S510 EK, S510 EK ADD, SUPER QS, SUPER QS ADD, SUPER QS DEP, Super-QS, Super-QS-Dep
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