505.084, drain hose DN19 L 2000mm straight ø inside 21mm straight ext. ø 26mm elbow ø inside 21mm

drain hose DN19 L 2000mm straight ø inside 21mm straight ext. ø 26mm elbow ø inside 21mm

suitable for: EPMS, FAGOR

part no.: 505.084

technical details
part no.
alternative part number
nominal size
2000 mm
straight end piece internal ø
21 mm
straight end piece external ø
26 mm
elbow end piece internal ø
21 mm
elbow end piece external ø
27 mm
outer hose ø
27 mm
suitable for
12023666, AD-120, AD-120B, AD-120BBTDDUK, AD-120C, AD-120HY, AD-125, AD-125HRS, AD-15, AD-15D, AD-20CUK, AD-21, AD-21B, AD-21BDD, AD-21C, AD-21D, AD-21DD, AD-21W, AD-45BBT, AD-48HY, AD-48W, AD-64, AD-64B, AD-64BBT, AD-64BDD, AD-64C, AD-64CW, AD-64D, AD-64DD, AD-64HY, AD-90, AD-90BA, AD-90BBT, AD-90BDD, AD-90DD, ADE-120, ADE-120B, BME7-05, BME7-10, BMG7-10, CO-350, CO-352, CO-400, CO-402, CO-402W, CO-500, CO-501, CO-502, CO-502W, COP-503, COP-504, COP-504W, ECO-120, FI-100, FI-100AR, FI-100B, FI-100BBTUK, FI-120, FI-120-CLINIC, FI-120AR-DD, FI-120B, FI-120C, FI-120HY, FI-120W, FI-30, FI-30AR, FI-30AR-DD, FI-30B, FI-30BBTUK, FI-30UK, FI-48, FI-48B, FI-48BBTUK, FI-48C, FI-48D, FI-48HY, FI-48W, FI-64, FI-64B, FI-64BBT, FI-64C, FI-64D, FI-64HY, FI-64W, FI-80, FI-80AR, FI-80BBTUK, LVC, LVC-12, LVC-15, LVC-15D, LVC-21, LVC-21B, LVC-21C, LVC-21D, LVC-21W, LVR, LVR-10, MF-120, MF-21, MF-48, MF-64, Z220903000
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