100.843, pilot burner cap 3 flames Qty 1 pcs

pilot burner cap 3 flames Qty 1 pcs

suitable for: ANGELO PO, GIORIK, SAGI, SIT

part no.: 100.843

technical details
part no.
alternative part number
flame number
3 flames
1 pcs
OEM part number
suitable for model
06WCP1GM, 06WFR3GD, 08WCP1GM, 08WFAAG, 08WFT1GV, 08WFT2GV, 08WFT3GV, 08WFT4GV, 08WFT6GV, 08WFT7GV, 090FAVA, 090FT1G, 090FT2G, 090FT4G, 090FT5G, 090FT7G, 091CP1G, 091FR1G, 091FR1GD, 091FR3G, 091FR3GD, 0A0FAVA, 0A0FT1G, 0A0FT2G, 0A0FT4G, 0A0FT5G, 0A1FR1G VERS 2004, 0A1FR1GD VERS 2004, 0A1FR3G, 0A1FR3GD, 0B0FT1G, 0B0FT2G, 0B0FT4G, 0B0FT5G, 0D0FAVA, 0D0FT1G, 0D0FT2G, 0D0FT4G, 0D0FT5G, 0D1FR1G VERS 2004, 0D1FR1GD VERS 2004, 0D1FR3G, 0D1FR3GD, 0G0FR5G, 0G0FT1G, 0G0FT1G VERS 03-2008, 0G0FT2G, 0G0FT2G VERS 03-2008, 0G0FT4G, 0G0FT4G VERS 03-2008, 0G0FT5G, 0G0FT5G VERS 03-2008, 0G1CP1G, 0G1CP1G VERS 2004, 0G1FR3G, 0G1FR3GD, 10WFR4GD, 10WTPGV, 12WFAAG, 190FAB, 190FT15G, 190FT1G, 190FT2G, 190FT3G, 190FT42G, 190FT4G, 190FT6G, 190FT72G, 190FT7G, 190TP0, 191BR1G, 191BR1GA, 191BR2G, 191BR2GA, 191CP2G, 191FAAG, 191FABG, 191FADG, 191FAG, 191FR2G, 191FR2GD, 191FR4G, 191FR4GD, 191PD1G, 191PD2G, 191PI1G, 191PI1GA, 191PI2G, 191PI2GA, 191TPG, 1A0FA2, 1A0FA5, 1A0FAB, 1A0FAS2, 1A0FT1G, 1A0FT2G, 1A0FT3G, 1A0FT4G, 1A0FT6G, 1A0TP0, 1A1BR1G, 1A1BR1GA, 1A1BR2G, 1A1BR2GA, 1A1FA1G, 1A1FA2G, 1A1FA4G, 1A1FA5G, 1A1FAAG, 1A1FABG, 1A1FAS2G, 1A1FASG, 1A1FR2G VERS 2004, 1A1FR2GD VERS 2004, 1A1FR4G, 1A1FR4GD, 1A1TP0G, 1A1TP0G VERS 2002, 1B0FAS2, 1B0FT1G, 1B0FT2G, 1B0FT3G, 1B0FT4G, 1B0FT6G, 1B0TP0, 1B1FAS2G, 1B1FASG, 1D0FA2, 1D0FA5, 1D0FAB, 1D0FAS2, 1D0FT1G, 1D0FT2G, 1D0FT3G, 1D0FT4G, 1D0FT6G, 1D0TP0, 1D1BR1G, 1D1BR1GA, 1D1BR2G, 1D1BR2GA, 1D1FA1G, 1D1FA2G, 1D1FA4G, 1D1FA5G, 1D1FAAG, 1D1FABG, 1D1FAS2G, 1D1FASG, 1D1FR2G VERS 2004, 1D1FR2GD VERS 2004, 1D1FR4G, 1D1FR4GD, 1D1TP0G, 1D1TP0G VERS 2002, 1G0FR6G, 1G0FT1G, 1G0FT1G VERS 03-2008, 1G0FT2G, 1G0FT2G VERS 03-2008, 1G0FT3G, 1G0FT3G VERS 03-2008, 1G0FT4G, 1G0FT4G VERS 03-2008, 1G0FT6G, 1G0FT6G VERS 03-2008, 1G0TP0, 1G1BR1G, 1G1CP1G, 1G1CP1G VERS 2004, 1G1CP2G, 1G1CP2G VERS 2004, 1G1FA0G, 1G1FA0GV, 1G1FABG, 1G1FAPG, 1G1FR4G, 1G1FR4GD, 1G1PD1G, 1G1PI1G, 1G1TP0G, 1N0FAB, 1N1FABGV, 291BR1G, 291BR1GA, 291BR2G, 291BR2GA, 291FAG, 291FAGF, 291TPCG, 2A0FAS2, 2A1BR1G, 2A1BR1GA, 2A1BR2G, 2A1BR2GA, 2A1FA1G, 2A1FA4G, 2A1FAAG, 2A1FAS2G, 2A1FASG, 2A1TP3G, 2A1TP6G, 2A1TPCG, 2A1TPSG, 2D0FAS2, 2D1BR1G, 2D1BR1GA, 2D1BR2G, 2D1BR2GA, 2D1FA1G, 2D1FA4G, 2D1FAAG, 2D1FAS2G, 2D1FASG, 2D1TP3G, 2D1TP6G, 2D1TPCG, 2D1TPSG, 2G1FA0G, 2G1FA0GV, 2G1FABG, 2G1FACG, 2G1FADG, 2G1FADGV, 2G1FAPG, 2G1TP3G, 391FAG, 3A1FA1G, 3A1FA4G, 3A1FAAG, 3A1FASG, 3D1FA1G, 3D1FA4G, 3D1FAAG, 3D1FASG, FC101, FC241G, FC61, FCV101, FCV101DM, FCV101DM CSA, FCV101DS, FCV101DS CSA, FCV141, FCV141 CSA, FCV141DM, FCV141DM CSA, FCV141DS, FCV141DS CSA, FCV241G, FCV241G CSA, FCV241GDM, FCV241GDM CSA, FCV241GDS, FCV241GDS CSA, FCV401DM CSA, FCV61, FCV61 CSA, FCV61DM, FCV61DM CSA, FCV61DS, FCV61DS CSA, G1FAGS, G1FAGST, range gas 10WTPGE, steam FCV101 CSA
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